Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Hunger Games Webquest

Dear Players,

The author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins received inspiration for this story by paying attention to events and things around her.  Today you will be going a quest to discover what influenced her as well as discovering what influences you. You will have 5 tasks you will need to complete.  Each task will come with its own set of instructions.  Open a word document or a Google doc to record your answers.  Once you have completed, email/share with me your document at the address,  You will have 45 minutes to complete this webquest, so please remain focused.  Have fun!

Task #1: Theseus and the Minotaur
Go to this website and read about the Greek myth about Theseus and the Minotaur.  Make sure you read the brief and detailed summary.  Once you have completed the reading, on your word document, write a paragraph summarizing the story and its tragedy.  In a second paragraph, explain how this story connects to The Hunger Games.  What is similar?  What is different?

Task #2:  Hybrids
The Minotaur from the myth was a half man, half bull.  His life consisted of eating humans while aimlessly wandering through a maze.  Below are a few pictures of the Minotaur.  Reflect back on the book. What are some hybrid creatures that have already presented themselves in The Hunger Games?  What roles do they play in the Hunger Games?  Write your answer on your document.  Then create a hybrid animal of your own.  What does it look like?  What animals is it created from?  What is its purpose?

Task #3:  Reality TV

Part of Suzanne Collins’ inspiration came to her as she was watching TV.  Watch the following movie clip.  Collins was watching Survivor when the idea came to her to write this book. What elements of this show appear in The Hunger Games?  How does reality TV play a role in the book?  Record your answers on your document.

Task #4:  War:  What is it good for?
The last thing Suzanne Collins’ mentions as being an inspiration to her novel was the Vietnam and Iraqi war.  She saw pictures of the devastation that war brings—the poverty, the distress, and the hurt.  What role does war play in The Hunger Games?  What role does war play in today’s society?  In your opinion, is it necessary?  Why or why not?  In a paragraph, write your answer on your document. 

Task #5:  My Turn
Now that you know what inspired Suzanne Collins to write The Hunger Games, it’s time to get some inspiration for yourself.  What is the most influential thing in your life right now?  Record your thoughts on you document.  What are some current events that could possibly influence you?  Go to to see what current events are going on.  Pick one to study.  Write a brief summary of that event.  What TV shows do you watch?  Jot down a couple of sentences describing what the show is about.  Combine these three things together and create the basic plot summary of your upcoming novel. Write it on your document and title it.

This concludes your web quest.  Make sure your name is on your document and please email/share it with this address

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